This is the intro-training page. It is very important to read all the information contained in this page as it will give you 80% of the information about this position. We encourage you to request a copy of our 40 minute audio recording from our live conference call held earlier this month. It too is very useful in answering questions that you may have. It is recommended that you bookmark this page to have as an easy reference. You may pause or rewind the recording at anytime. Once you have finished contact our office to have a training specialist complete your registration.

Hi, and thank you for you interest.  We will be giving you a lot of information through the training process.  These emails, and the video link below, are just an introduction before we do your training over the phone.


First it is very important for you to fully read this entire letter and follow all instructions for your safety and research at the bottom of this form, then if you desire to continue to step 2 of the orientation process call me back.  We highly disagree with ad postings that over aggregate job descriptions, income probability etc. Through out this letter we have included a good number of research information for you to form your own un-biased opinion. This is not a pryamid, there is no residual pay, you do not get paid off of others sign ups and only you get paid for your work. This is an actual work from home opportunity. Always be safe and do your own research. Any advertisement offering shady information should be taken as such. Being trained by us, you will get the absolute truth. 

If you choose to go on when you call back, I’ll send you a 2nd email called “2 – Registration and Qualification”.  That email will include links to 2 advertising websites, where lots of different Fortune 500 companies advertise their products and services, and offer free trial offers, and paid trial offers, to attract new clients.  This is called "incentive advertising".   So some offers are free, and some cost a little bit for the public to try them.


Today’s technology has changed the way advertisers do their advertising.  People don’t read newspapers anymore, and many people have DVRs or TIVO, and they fast forward through commercials, instead of watching them (I know I do!)  So advertisers have had to come up with new ways to get customers to try their products or services, so they offer free trials, discounts, etc.  But they need a place to advertise these trials. That's where we come in. We find places to post the ads for them via free advertising sites then once you’ve completed your part, the websites pay us for advertising their product so the public becomes aware of them and tries them.  The Fortune 500 companies pay for ad postings on sites like these because they work!  70% of people going to sites like these will try some of the offers, and will keep some of the services.  The back office you will be given offers a single location where customers are offered lots of different companies’ trial offers.  It’s like a shopping mall website for trial offers.  We do this advertising on the internet, so this job can be done from home.


You as an advertising/training agent will solely be training and directing new agents to these trail offer sites of their choice and walking them through this same registration process. You will be more so advertising/hiring new agent positions more than anything else. You will be a 80-90% telephone trainer and about a 20% trail offer advertiser. Your job description in a nut shell will be copy and pasting (job poster), trainer and secretary all in one.


The trial offers from these Fortune 500 companies are real. Each one of these offers redirects the client to that individual company’s own trial-offer sign-up page, so the customer’s information is not shared with any other company.  The back office website it self does NOT collect customer information.  All of the customer’s information is going ONLY to that individual company that they pick, and is kept private and secure by that individual company, just as if you went directly to that company’s site.  We get paid for directing clients to their websites, and the companies pay us out of their advertising budgets.  We get paid daily (with paypal) and very well!!  You can request that your daily pay goes to PayPal, or  have a check mailed to you.  If you request PayPal, PayPal will send you an email within 24 hours that they have received your money, and you can transfer it to your checking account, or have it loaded onto one of their debit/cash cards (faster) and take it to your bank. You will be given a W-9 form during your orientation to keep and fill out once you surpass $600 in sales. At the end of the year you will have to file for your taxes as an independent contractor. You DO NOT fill out a W-9 form with any agent, ever. 


So I’ll explain the sites later, in a step-by-step process, and how we make money from them. You do NOT need to know SEO or html, it’s much, much simpler than that, otherwise you couldn’t be trained in just one hour.  The companies we work for are real, and the money we make is real. We have thousands of reps nationwide who make their living doing this - full-time income with part-time hours.  As you go through the registration and training process, you’ll receive email confirmations every step along the way from our advertiser’s websites, and from PayPal, proving this is a system you can trust and rely on for your income.  So just be willing to give it a chance long enough to understand how it works before you decide - you'll be very glad you did!


After reading this e-mail the research I suggest that you to do for your full understanding of this position is as follows:


1.      Open up a new browser window and type in Also make sure you scroll down to read any comments under each video you watch. Some videos will not be as straight forward as I am but, I want you to be fully comfortable with the entire process before you continue any further.


2.      Search daily bread givers and or free treasure chest


3.      Find 2 or 3 videos of your choice to look at to get more of an idea.


4.   Once you have a complete understanding and feel you want to continue, contact me back via phone with your name and phone number with area code. It is imperative that this is a message phone so that I may leave a message for you if you are not home at the time of my call.



SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY. You should have a great idea of the outline of this position if you have properly followed the above directions. If you call back and have not done your research from above you will instructed to do so before you can continue on with the process. ALWAYS do your research first. Any work from home company offering vague information should always be red flag. Don’t fall victim. Always be safe.



* Open all below links in a new browser for your safety or you can wait to do them during your phone interview.


Requirements for this position:


·         A home computer with internet connection


·         An open phone line to take inbound calls


·         Mozilla firefox browser downloadable via google search or at  no AOL browsers  are allowed.


·         Bank issued debit or credit card ex. PNC Bank, US Bank, 5/3rd bank etc. No pre-paid debit or gift cards will be accepted. This is required to complete your registration on the trial offer company site(s) that you choose.


·         You must complete your registration via your home IP address as the system has an IP address tracker. Trying to register at other IP addresses will not be allowed by the system for security reasons.


·         Paypal or Payza accounts can be registered by opening new browser and going to  or This is required if you would like 24 hour direct deposits. Otherwise you will receive your checks once a week by mail.


All you need to do now is 1 thing: Call me back and select extension 2 so we can schedule your 1 hour registration and training.  I’ll give you all the information then.  If you want to work from home, this will let you work as much or as little as you want, around your own schedule, and make honest money!



I schedule my orientation appointments each 1 hour block of the day Monday-Friday 8a.m.-5-p.m. eastern standard time. If you call while I am in an orientation leave your NAME, E-MAIL, PHONE with area code and say that you want to schedule your orientation interview. I will give you a call back in between my next orientation to set up a time and date. At the latest depending on my work load with-in 24 business hours. Saturday interview times limited to first come first serve bases only.


Talk to you soon,

LaToya Chapman

Your training specialist

1-800-779-1445 ext.#2








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